Course Description

The Classes...


Our 62 years of experience have taught us what employers really want when they hire. Our classes are quick, effective, and ensure that you'll graduate with all the skills and polish that lead to success.

All classes are taught behind fully-equipped bars with universal set ups. This will ensure you feel well prepared anywhere you work. Our proven methods will allow you to master all the following professional bartender skills in just one to two weeks!

Our facilities, training equipment and cleanliness are 2nd to none.

Our Professional Course Book is loaded with 350 pages of recipes and bartending information. A value of more than $29. An excellent reference to bring on the job and to hold as a "lifetime" keepsake.

Excerpt from Course Book
  • Mixology... Over 150 martinis, tropical drinks, novelty shooters and classics cocktails.
  • Product Knowledge ... Beers, wines, top shelf liquors and more!
  • Presentation and Etiquette ... for casual to upscale clientele.
  • Trade Secret Tip Generating Techniques.
  • Cash Handling.
  • Alcohol Awareness Certification ... State Certified BASSET Program.
  • Industry specific job finding strategies.


Alcohol Awareness Certification

Excerpt from Course Book

Many of our students go on to work some of the most respected bars in the country. A large part of their credibility can be attributed to alcohol awareness certification. This certificate indicates the ability to serve alcohol responsibly, guaranteeing the safety of your customers... and your employer's liquor license. In many areas, this certificate is required by law. In fact, anyone being issued a liquor license must furnish proof that they have attended this class. We are licensed to issue this certificate by the Illinois Department of Alcohol and Substance Abuse.


The Teachers...

Our instructors average over thirty years of teaching and work experience in the beverage industry and are certified by the Illinois board of Education. Classes are structured much like on the job training and include frequent simulations of real life on the job bar training and include frequent simulations of real life situations. While preparing for your new career, you'll enjoy a low pressure, fun-filled environment in which to refine your abilities.